Is your agency processing accident reports manually? Sell accident and crime reports online through VeriPicReports.com.

VeriPicReports.com provides a convenient method for private citizens, insurance companies and law firms to purchase crash and crime reports from your agency, online. There is no cost to your agency. VeriPic processes the reports and your agency retains 100% of the counter fees. Optimize revenue streams by eliminating work-flow interruptions, labor costs and financial handling fees. Set up is quick and easy, with no cost, no risk and no obligationócancel at any time.

Founded in 1994, VeriPic is an award-winning software company that is a trusted partner in serving the needs of law enforcement nationwide. This service is part of our continuing commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that help law enforcement better serve their communities.

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VeriPic and DocView have partnered to provide crime reports, accident reports and photos online for the following law enforcement agencies.